How to detect the pros and cons of carpets
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How to detect the pros and cons of carpets

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Update time : 2018-06-28 14:25:55
How to detect the pros and cons of carpets
    Carpets are soft furnishings that are often used in home renovations. They are used well. They can enhance the warmth of homes and make homes more tasteful. There are many brands of carpets on the market, how can we choose high quality carpets? The carpet manufacturers below introduce some aspects of inspection that can help you judge the performance of the carpet.
First of all, if it is a carpet on the side of the door, you can test the carpet's sand-scraping function by stepping on the carpet with shoes that step on sand or dirt, and then walk on white paper again. Look for stains on the white paper, if any, to show that the carpet's decontamination effect is not good enough.
Secondly, if the carpet you choose is intended to be placed in the bathroom door and is mainly used for water absorption, you can wet your hands and then press it on the carpet to see if there are water stains on your hands. If there are water stains, then the carpet water absorption general.
    The above two methods can help us to distinguish the performance of the carpet, carpet manufacturers can not let us wet the carpet, this time we can smell the carpet smell to see if there is a stimulating taste, you can touch the carpet to see Whether hair is serious or not, these methods can also help you to buy good quality carpets.