Different carpet maintenance methods are different
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Different carpet maintenance methods are different

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Update time : 2018-06-29 12:26:22
Different carpet maintenance methods are different
     There are different types of carpets on the market, and carpets of different materials should also be maintained in different ways. Everyone should not think that maintenance is troublesome. The use of blankets in the home for a long time will breed bacteria, and other problems will arise. It is imperative to do maintenance. The following maintenance techniques introduced by professional carpet manufacturers should pay attention.
First, wool carpet maintenance
Wool carpet prices are relatively high, only to do maintenance work to extend its useful life, maintenance is actually very simple, that is, regular drying carpets, but not exposure to sunlight, put into a ventilated place can be, clean the carpet It is recommended to send to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning. Wool carpet should pay attention to insects, you can put some insecticide on the side.
Second, the silk carpet maintenance
The silk material is very delicate and must be sent to a professional cleaning shop for cleaning. Do not wash it with corrosive materials such as laundry, otherwise it will fade easily. The anti-insect performance of silk carpets is still relatively good, and it is also convenient for collection.
Third, chemical fiber carpet maintenance
This is the most common type of carpet, most families will choose this material. There are no special requirements for maintenance. Clean the surface area with a vacuum cleaner every week. And it can also be washed and washed directly at home.
      Through the introduction of the above professional carpet manufacturers, now we all know how to carry out the maintenance of the carpet, then may wish to refer to the above methods, the effect is very good.