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What should be pay attention to the choice of carpets

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Update time : 2018-01-18 09:42:47
First of all, we should consider the spatial pattern. In general, it is best to lay a rectangular blanket in the indoor corridor; the entrance to the door, the bathroom door and so on are more suitable for small rectangular or oval blankets. The living room is the most frequent place to move. It is best to choose the wearable, color and dirty carpet. If you want to put a carpet under the sofa, but the living room area is not too large, it is not recommended to choose the carpet too much. In space, it will make the space feel more spacious. Irregular shape carpets are suitable for placing under a single chair, which can highlight the chairs themselves, especially when the chairs and sofa styles are different.

In addition to pay attention to the carpet material more and more diversified, in addition to artificial material, and bamboo fiber, corn fiber, hay can be woven into the carpet, and nylon, rayon or synthetic leather has also been widely used, but these carpets are not easy to clean, shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, have a negative impact on health. If the comfort and texture are considered, the wool carpet and the silk carpet are choice.