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the color of the carpet and the environment

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Update time : 2018-03-02 10:40:47
1, the color of the carpet and the environment should not be too large contrast. The first choice of color depends on the direction of the housing. To the southeast or south of the housing, lighting area, the best selection of cold colors; if it is northwest , the use of warm colors is better, this will have added to the cold of the warm housing fun.
2, the living room in more than 20 square meters, the carpet should not be less than 1.7 m × 2.4 m.
3, the carpet can be shaped according to the style of furniture to support, the use of mahogany or imitation mahogany furniture, the general choice of lines than the symmetrical  regular flower-shaped, appears simple, elegant; the use of modular furniture or new furniture, and buy irregular patterns The carpet, will make people feel fresh, free and easy.
4, in addition to beautiful rugs, durable is also crucial. Frequent areas such as the entrance, we should use the higher density, wear-resistant carpet (such as short pile of cashmere, tufted velvet); while the stairs will have to choose durable, non-slip types, to avoid the choice of long hair loop loop velvet Blankets, because the bottom of the carpet is easily exposed at the edge of the stairs, there will usually be a label on the carpet indicating that the stairs are suitable for use, and stains-prone areas such as restaurants should be treated with anti-fouling carpets to facilitate cleaning .
5, due to the use of different functions of the room, it should be based on the application of the carpet environment and the actual needs, such as the laying of the location and the size of the Department to choose the size of the match.