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Handmade carpet is a decorative handicraft.

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Update time : 2018-03-18 23:54:19
1. Good heat preservation: the material of hand-made wool carpet has the function of thermal conduction, and it has the function of balancing indoor temperature.
Winter can obstruct the cold of the ground infiltration, can very good adjust maintain indoor temperature comfort.
So the carpet will feel warm and comfortable in winter.

2. The feet feel soft and comfortable: the hand-made wool carpet has very high elasticity, the carpet face down is very comfortable, can relax body and mind, very effective reduce fatigue.
There will be no shock and sound from the collision of the sole with the cold hard carpet.
The blanket height of the hand-made carpet is 10-18mm.

3. Vacuuming and environmental protection: the surface of the hand-made wool carpet is densely covered with velvet, so the dust floating in space will be absorbed on the carpet surface, preventing the carpet from floating in space, causing respiratory damage.
It also reduces dust in the indoor air and ACTS as a clean air.
In particular, nylon wool blends are ideal in this respect.

4. sound-absorbing noise: handmade carpet for wool and nylon woven material, can make indoor echo and noise absorption, is one of the most effective acoustic materials, reduce the sound through the bottom and the reflection and transmission of metope, effectively reduce the noise pollution.
Create a quiet home rest and office environment.
Use a carpet in a public or hotel corridor to create a quiet environment.

5. the antiskid safety: home all kinds of floor and floor tile is relatively smooth, above a square carpets on the shop, can effectively prevent slippery, walking on the carpet is not easy to fall, carpet also has excellent soft elasticity, can reduce the possibility of a fall, especially for old people and children in the home, can have very good protection effect.

6. adornment ornament environment: handmade carpet is a decorative arts and crafts, handmade carpet pattern is also very colorful bright, can the be fond of according to their own personal and household decorates environmental coordination to choose suitable handmade carpet.
Can arbitrarily weave the style and design that cause classical modern abstraction and so on different style, carpet lets different place environment show different grade and individuation.