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A hotel carpet project

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Update time : 2018-03-15 21:17:16
A hotel carpet project is composed of a number of different areas, such as rooms, corridors, elevator halls, restaurants, conference rooms, office areas, entertainment areas, and so on.
The of the carpets in the hotel rooms is mainly based on warm colors. Because of the warm color of the carpets, it can give people a feeling of quietness, warmth, and warmth. It can help guests get a good rest and a good place to sleep.
Room carpets can be from carpet products such as tufted carpets, handmade wool carpets, and nylon printed carpets. Its free style creates a relaxed and relaxed style, soft lines, crisp colors, rich variety, and full fluff.
Hotel corridor carpet 
Corridors are areas where pedestrians are relatively large and luggage carts pass through more frequently. Carpets should pay special attention to material density, velvet height, and elasticity. Nylon carpets are resistant to lodging, so they are used for more hotels.
The width of the hallway is less than 1.5 meters. Nylon printed carpets and Wilton carpets can be used. The carpets are highly diverse, denser, and fuller, with a comfortable feel and rich and varied patterns.
Corridors above 1.5 meters wide, should use nylon color printed carpets and Axminster carpets, with good resilience, bright color, gorgeous patterns, high color fastness, wear-resistant moisture and so on.