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Carpet of a blanket to normal size

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Update time : 2017-04-25 11:50:06
A blanket of regular size
Mall rug of various sizes, before buying, had better be clear what kind of heart size is the best.
Why the size is so important?
Rug of different sizes can differentiate the functional areas of different sizes in the room, for example, a piece of 2 square feet is shown in the table around the periphery of a blanket, it is easy to divide the range of the dining room.
Most of the contemporary  rug and carpet are made in Asia and Europe, which calculated the size of the carpet is done with the metric system.
Conversion method is: 1 m = 3.28 feet.In the conversion in feet, however, there is always some change.
So how do you determine what kind of size we need?I can recommend some useful formula, I I have been used to test:
Area = + + function preferences size
Into this formula is:
Area rug is refers to the plan of the area of the room, the area of the accurate.
Function is mainly refers to the carpet area is used to do, for example, is a dining room, bedroom or the sofa area, and so on.Function different, of course, need a blanket size is not the same.
Be fond of, then look at personal taste.Hope to show how much area around, or look like carpet area extends far.These also want to consider carpet size inside.
Here, for example, if is to want to give a living room, the sitting room is covered with pieces of carpet.The sitting room is generally there will always be a piece of tea table.
So, first of all to measure the area of whole sitting room.
Then, consider the function of a blanket: it is as long as keep the feet warm in cold winter, or designed to cover a piece of broken floor?Calculate the area of good need carpet.
The above is all of the measurements.
However, based on factors such as living environment, climate, and the type of floor of a blanket will also have a variety of different function.
If have children in the home, the carpet can running in children play a protective role playing;For is not on the first floor of the residents, a blanket can to a great extent, prevent the spread of noise, make the residents downstairs without being interrupted.
The final factor is in the formula: be fond of.
You may think of tea table and a small blanket than big good-looking.As for the bedroom, may want one almost spread a blanket, feel soft and comfortable to let you go.
Above these, it is need to consider before buying carpet.
Fortunately, a blanket of various sizes, to find a suitable should not be difficult.
Carpet is the size of above list.Below is a list of some common models and their application areas.
60 cm by 120 cm, often on the bathroom, kitchen, and the door;
90 cm by 150 cm, general is on the entrance to the house and kitchen.
120 cm by 180 cm, usually under the door or the small tea table;
1.5 m * 2.4 m, this is the most common sofa area carpet size;
1.8 m * 2.7 m, with 1.5 m * 2.4 m, is also very common;
2.1 m x 3 m, this size is not very common, if needed, you may need to shop around.But the size is very practical for larger living room;
2.4 m x 3 m, as long as heard the size, my first reaction is to the living room.But this type of blanket has many USES, can be spread in the table below, so that even if move the chair back, can guarantee the feet on the carpet.Of course, the shop is in the sitting room is good;
2.7 m x3.6 m, this is a huge living room and big restaurants a blanket;
3 m x 4.2 m, this size for general some of the rooms are big.But can be used for special purposes.
Of course, you can also find more larger piece of carpet.How much more you can also customize?
Many people have a special liking to circular blanket.Circular blanket is commonly used in lobby and restaurant.
Hope these information can help to you.