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Decorate carpet laid several loss of understanding

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Update time : 2017-04-25 11:53:52
the first is about the construction loss.
A simple example, a room should be laying carpet in construction.The structure size is 4000 x 8000 room, the actual need to laying carpet area should be 3720 by 7720, the market can be suitable for this room laid carpet width for 4000, due to the width of the carpet can't also laid the room can't completely conform to the size, it is bound to produce loss, the loss we call it the construction loss.Then illustrate the room carpet construction loss is carpet in 4000 x 7720 = 30.88 m2 and carpet shop is the ratio of the area of 3720 x 7720 = 28.72 square meters, is present (30.88 30.88 1) x 100% = 7.52%.

If we construction room structure size is 3800 * 8000, the loss of this construction is present (30.88 30.88 1) x 100% = 13.65% due to the quota establishment, preparer and has fully considered the situations are fixed, the carpet laid construction losses at 10%, and the loss doesn't adjust.

Therefore, in practice, we both meet the first or the second case, the condition of its construction loss are calculated according to 10%, its quota content is 1.10.

    Want to talk again about shear loss.

We know that the hotel standard room laid carpet, generally require no stitching laid, and the room has a toilet, toilet is not laying carpet, this requests us in the original carpet real shop area again cut off a piece, this leads to another loss, cutting loss.

Still according to the above the first case, the room has a outsourcing size is 2000 x 2400 toilet, must be in the original cut off again on the solid shop covers an area of 28.72 square meters of 2000 x 2400 = 4.80 square meters, so its shear loss is 4.80 present 28.72 x 100% = 16.71%, so the room carpet laid loss should be 1.1671 x 1.1 (1) x 100% = 28.38%, and the room carpet laid content should be 1.2838.

Someone suggested, with the back of the shear loss, then the previous construction loss calculation, the answer is yes or not, to compute.

    Because we can see that from the case analysis on carpet shearing is conducted on real shop area, and we are the real shop area is calculated from the input area, has produced the construction loss of carpet, so we can't because of the loss of the shearing of carpet, ignored the construction loss of carpet.