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Living room, bedroom, dining room, room, public area carpets, any size and arbitrarily customized, high-quality modern design carpets

Living room, bedroom, dining room, room, public area carpets, any size and arbitrarily customized, high-quality modern design carpets
Super custom, any size, any shape, living room and bedroom furniture and carpets, one day delivery.

1. The carpet adopts Wilton weaving carpet technology, which is strong and durable. Except for human factors, the carpet can be used for 5/8 years. The design and color matching are designed and produced using international popular elements to add more visual and tactile beauty to your use occasions .

2. The carpet adopts a circular design style, which is beautiful and elegant, and the carpet surface presents different three-dimensional feelings. It can be used in living room, bedroom, children's room, reception room, meeting room, home/commercial and other places.

3. The carpet material is woven with synthetic polyester fiber and polyester shrink yarn. The carpet surface is smooth and soft, and the suede structure is tight and delicate. The suede height is 9mm, the total height is 11mm, and it is soft and comfortable to use.

4. The carpet brings more warm feeling to your room and place. The bottom back is made of environmentally friendly cotton and linen woven bottom back, which is not only durable, but also will not harm your wooden floor, furniture and other household items.

5. The material of the carpet is easier to care for and clean, and has anti-fouling, dust-proof and noise-reduction effects. If there are stubborn stains, please use a carpet special cleaning agent for cleaning.

If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us via email. We will do our best to provide each customer with the best service.

Pattern: geometric abstraction
Color: international fashion color
Scope of application: bedrooms, living rooms, children's and elderly rooms, guest rooms and various public places
Material composition: polyester fiber plus polyester shrink yarn.
Size: 160cm in diameter, 200cm in diameter.
Style: casual, warm, modern, popular, new design.
Craft: Wilton weaving craft
Category: Carpet/Floor.



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