What kind of carpet should I use at home?
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What kind of carpet should I use at home?

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Update time : 2018-07-03 14:58:36

    The child's curiosity is always the strongest, especially in the age group that will climb and walk away. Once the parents don't pay attention, they don't know where the baby is going. This will inevitably lead to some dangers. Many families with babies put carpets on their homes in order to improve safety. So, what kind of carpet should the baby use at home?
1, the home baby's carpet must choose environmentally friendly products, there must be a pungent smell.
2, it is best to choose a brightly colored, vivid pattern of carpet, this is to attract the attention of the baby, let the baby have the interest of playing.
3, because the baby's saliva, urine, etc. will stain the carpet, so choose a carpet that is easy to clean.
    Finally, everyone is reminded that in addition to choosing high-quality carpets, we should also pay attention to the cleaning of carpets. If the carpet is not clean for a long time, it will breed bacteria and there will be insects. Therefore, we must do daily cleaning work to provide a healthy and comfortable environment for the baby.