What are the characteristics of the carpet?
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What are the characteristics of the carpet?

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Update time : 2018-10-15 11:18:09
        Carpets are very common in home improvement and are now used by many families. So, what are the main characteristics of carpets?
First, warmth, the carpet is a thermal conductor, then the carpet on the floor can transfer heat, which is of great benefit to create a suitable room temperature. The better the thermal conductivity of a carpet with a low thermal resistance is chosen, which is a very good way to keep warm for the northern family.
Second, the fluffiness of the carpet will directly affect the comfort and appearance of the carpet. The carpet has a good bulkiness, which can have a good appearance. There are many factors affecting the loft of the carpet, including material, cashmere, and density. Wait, these factors will affect the fluffiness.
Third, the scalding, the carpet is to be used in the home or other public places, it must have good dirt resistance, but also easy to clean. This will reduce dust in the air and reduce pollution.
Fourth, the carpet should have good antistatic ability. The material of the carpet is wool, silk, chemical fiber, etc. It is necessary to choose a carpet material with good antistatic ability. Some materials are particularly static, and you can feel the inductance by touching them. Do not choose such a carpet. Static electricity on the carpet is also easy to vacuum, dirt, so that the color becomes dull, affecting the appearance. In general, the charging capacity of nylon is the strongest, followed by polyester and polypropylene.
         It can be seen that the characteristics of the carpet are very good, so it has become a choice of many home decorations, bringing good decorative effects.