synthetic carpet how to remove odors
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synthetic carpet how to remove odors

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Update time : 2018-07-02 10:12:42
    Chemical fiber carpets have the advantages of light weight, wear resistance, vivid colors, and low price, which are more popular in the market. Many families will purchase chemical fiber carpets, but the newly purchased chemical fiber carpets always have a odor, which will increase indoor pollution. So, how should the chemical fiber carpet be smelled?
The taste of chemical fiber carpets has plagued many people. The reason why they have taste is mainly because chemical fiber carpets use many adhesives in the production process. These adhesives contain formaldehyde, and the release of formaldehyde will affect human health. If you want to remove formaldehyde, you must put the carpet in a ventilated place outside the room, but do not expose it to sunlight, otherwise the carpet will easily change color.
If the effect of flavor is not good, it is best to buy a special detergent, plus soap and water, the chemical fiber carpet carefully wash it again, after the same wash to dry. When using carpets at ordinary times, be careful not to drop rubbish into the carpet and use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and rubbish from the carpet.
    In a word, the formaldehyde in the chemical fiber carpet is very harmful to the human body. We must pay attention to the work of removing formaldehyde. If there are conditions, we suggest to choose the carpet of wool material, because the wool carpet is more environmentally friendly and healthier, safer and safer to use. .