Nylon fiber nylon fiber has a "bad habit"
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Nylon fiber nylon fiber has a "bad habit"

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Update time : 2018-07-16 11:20:55
    Nylon carpets are now more and more used in the material of carpets. Its advantages are also outstanding, high color fastness, strong resilience, comfortable and soft carpet surface, high anti-static ability and so on. Nylon-filled carpets and nylon block carpets are also becoming more popular.
However, nylon rugs also have a strong moisture absorbing and moisture-reducing characteristics. For example, a nylon carpet can be found to be heavier than the original in a humid environment in the summer. Not only will the carpet become heavy, but the carpet will feel. It becomes a bit slack, which is actually a "bad habit" of nylon carpets. In wet conditions, nylon fibers will become longer after moisture absorption and moisture regain.
So, how to solve this problem, after expert research and practice demonstration, we must work hard when paving nylon carpets, that is, installing nylon carpet or nylon printed carpet should be firmly fixed with the corresponding carpet tools. Prevents and counteracts changes in the case of moisture wicking. Of course, in the winter, there will be no phenomenon of moisture absorption and tidal. If the carpet is not in place, the carpet ripples and bulging will occur when the weather is often changing. Therefore, no matter what the material and craft carpet, in addition to the quality of the carpet is an important factor, the construction is also a key factor. When buying carpets, try to choose a professional carpet company or carpet manufacturer, and also support a professional carpet construction team, so that you can buy the carpet products you buy, and you can use the comfortable effect.