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HUADE The merits of wilton carpet

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Update time : 2017-06-25 00:44:29
The merits of wilton carpet
Wilton carpet is the warp and weft and the veil of three kinds of yarn, through one-time molding weaving jacquard carpet, wilton loom is the ideal choice of the hotel, hotel floor decoration materials.
The main advantages are as follows:
1. Tight structure and durable.
Wilton meridional and zonal are woven by fiber, in the hotel service often pass by repeated rolling and often clean, not deformation, not blister, not to take off the line, the service life is 2 times more than other products.
The same investment allows customers to enjoy higher cost performance.
Green and healthy.
Wilton products are the least chemical glue used in all carpet family members.
Because it is a weaving, almost by its own fiber clamping force can hold down the pile.
Therefore, the laying of wilton products room is the least volatile and the most environmentally friendly.
To reassure customers and make customers healthier.
3. Comfortable feet and excellent value.
In the same price products, wilton has the highest yarn consumption, the carpet is the thickest, the resilience is the best, the rebound elasticity of the carpet and the elastic feel of the rubber pad are different.
The same investment makes customers feel more comfortable.
The design is rich, render personality.
Our company has hundreds of various alternative scene patterns, always one will touch the customer's heart, let the customer to choose the picture more convenient, the supply more timely.
If the customer has more personalized needs, our company has a professional senior designer to provide the design services to customers at any time.