How to choose a hotel carpet, teach you a few tricks
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How to choose a hotel carpet, teach you a few tricks

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Update time : 2018-07-10 13:43:41
     Many high-end hotels now attach great importance to carpet engineering. The hotel carpet project consists of many different areas, such as rooms, corridors, restaurants, conference rooms, entertainment areas and other places to use different carpets. So how do you choose a hotel carpet?
1, guest room
Carpets should choose warm-colored rugs, which will help create a warm and peaceful atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and fatigue and rest better. Handmade wool carpets, tufted carpets, nylon printed carpets and other products are full of cashmere. The color is bright and the lines are soft and it is very nice to put in the room.
2, corridor
It is the area where the flow of people and the flow of luggage cars are relatively large. The carpet of this area is best to choose nylon carpet. This kind of carpet has strong lodging resistance and can be quickly restored by the baggage car.
3. Restaurant
It is best to choose carpets with strong anti-oil resistance. After all, the restaurant is a eating area. There may be oil stains, drinks, etc. It is more suitable to choose a carpet that is easy to clean and has good anti-pollution ability.
4, elevator hall
    Because the area is small, you can choose a carpet tile.
    In short, the choice of hotel carpets must take into account the characteristics of the use of the venue, according to different venues to choose different carpets. Finally, we must remind everyone that the purchase of carpets must choose the products of large manufacturers, to ensure that the quality of the products and the price paid is proportional.