Carpet under cultural differences
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Carpet under cultural differences

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Update time : 2018-09-10 18:56:34
Carpet under cultural differences
        “Different from wood flooring, unlike marble, unlike tiles, these flooring materials are hard to tell culture. The use of carpets in China has lasted for two or three thousand years, which makes the carpets have cultural connotations and become cultures. a carrier."
        Chinese woven carpets have a history of more than 2,000 years. It is a pity that due to the material, the carpet is not easy to store, which makes the carpets of all dynasties in history disappear. But from ancient literature, painting and archaeological excavations, we can still find some traces of ancient Chinese carpets. For example, in a mural depicting the tomb of the Huting Han Tomb in Mi County, Henan Province, there are scenes where people sit on the carpet with the ornamentation and drink and have fun.
Carpets are the medium of cultural exchange between China and the West. Historically, the origin of carpets has been closely related to the Silk Road. In that era, hand-woven carpets have also begun to be traded as a type of high-end crafts. In China, located in the eastern part of the Silk Road, after learning the weaving techniques of hand-woven carpets imported from the West, ethnic minorities in some border areas began to make hand-woven rugs and dedicated their products to the royal palace and nobles.
The subdivision of carpets begins with the nomadic people who usually live in desert areas, often weaving carpets that are dense, thin and easy to carry and transport, and carpets that are woven by farming nations living in stone and mud houses. There is a certain density, thick and durable; and the aristocrats who live in the palace and sleep on the marble bed use carpets that are produced in urban workshops, rich in color and well-woven.
      All of these are hand-crafted carpets as a long-established cultural symbol. Of course, modern society has begun to have more mechanism carpets. These carpet manufacturers use machines instead of manuals, which are more productive, and the pattern-shaped content is more colorful and opened. The new development path of the carpet industry.