Axminster carpets have multiple importance in star hotels.
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Axminster carpets have multiple importance in star hotels.

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Update time : 2024-01-10 22:47:06
Axminster carpets have multiple importance in star hotels.

First of all, as an important part of interior decoration, Axminster carpet can significantly improve the hotel's grade and living comfort. Its unique textures and colors can create a luxurious and upscale atmosphere for the hotel. The hand-woven Axminster carpet is exquisitely crafted, ensuring quality and beauty, and can better protect the floor in the guest room.

Secondly, Axminster carpet has a high flame retardant level, is wear-resistant and durable, and can withstand frequent use and the friction of people. For commercial places such as hotels, there is a large flow of people and frequent direct contact with the carpet, so the wear and tear of the carpet will be greater, and Axminster carpets can withstand this test.

In addition, Axminster carpets have high color fastness, are not easy to fade, and can maintain long-term beauty and color. Compared with carpets made by other processes, the color fastness of Axminster carpets is relatively high.

To sum up, Axminster carpets play multiple important roles in star-rated hotels such as upgrading grade, improving living comfort, being fire retardant, wear-resistant and durable, and maintaining color. Therefore, it is very important to choose Axminster carpets in star hotels.