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Huadecarpet Used In The China Famous Movie of "Curse Of the Golden Flower"

"Curse of the Golden Flower "is a Zhang Guimou director of the Chinese history costume film, November 12, 2006 held a global premiere in Los Angeles, December 14 the same year the world simultaneously released. The film cost $ 45 million, the film by the
         It is announced that the "Golden Flower" production of carpet manufacturer - Huade Carpets was only half a month before the film shot to receive orders. According to the carpet design provided by the crew, the company's technology and design staff reference to a large number of documents and ancient manual carpet weaving process, repeatedly modify the weaving program, commissioning loom, and finally with advanced Wilton loom weaving successful, Carpet with a handmade carpet of fine and aesthetic texture, even the art director of the show Huo Tingxiao are full of praise.
         After more than ten days of intense production, the film in the magnificent meters of the "Royal Road" huge carpet and specifications of the large hall blanket, corridor blanket at the same time in Germany and China branch delivery delivery. When Zhejiang Hengdian film and television city "Golden Flower" studio carpet pavement is completed, the palace within the elegant, magnificent suddenly greeted. Sina immediately to " covered with thousands of meters carpet scene magnificent" as the first new, opened the film propaganda prelude.