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Popular in the market handmade carpet wool rugs on sale

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Zhengzhou Huade Group is one of the biggest machine-made carpet manufacturers in China,which has
the largest production sales volume,most abundant product lines and widest sales and service network.
According to statistics,Huade Company’s production sales volume has been the industry forefront for 16 years since 1997.
Huade Carpet Group is established in 1986. Nowadays Huade Group owns three manufacturing bases, which respectively are Zhengzhou Huade carpet company (mainly for tufted carpet and printed carpet),
Beijing Royal Carpet company (mainly for woven carpet) and Shanghai Dalton carpet company
(mainly for carpet tiles) and other two subsidiary corporations. It has formed a comprehensive and overall process control system from raw material to final production.The factory distribution
Tufted workshop, Printed workshop, Carpet tile workshop,Woven carpet workshop,Spinning
workshop,Warehouse, R&D center,Dormitory,Entertainment center
Production process