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The hotel carpet improves the hotel's level

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Update time : 2017-07-06 18:28:46
In addition to the lobby, guests are exposed to a large area of carpet.
Clean hotel carpet can give a person a kind of sweet and natural feeling, if does not carry on the strict love, cleaning and maintenance, will give a sense of disgust and revulsion uncomfortable. So the correct and proper cleaning and maintenance method of cleaning supplies and responsibility to maintain clean, to make the hotel carpet use purpose and extended service life.

Here are a few ways to get your hotel carpet treatment:

One, vacuuming: every day should insist to do once or many times clean work, it can absorb the dirt of the carpet surface of the hotel about 80 % to take away.
If the carpet is not absorbed in time, the dust will absorb the moisture and the people's round trip, hiding in the middle of the carpet and even the root, so that the consequences are not hard to imagine.

Of stains: due to human, from time to time there will be a local hotel carpet stains, such as chewing gum, tea, fruit stains, grease, etc., especially in tea and the natural pigment stains, such as not timely detection and treatment, and it will always remain in carpet, can't clean it out, unless it in new, to remove these stains, besides should be compatible with professional scouring agent, and, from time to time in order to achieve the purpose of holding stains highly-effective cleaning.

Three, surface cleaning, carpet after 15 days to a month's time, some superficial stains will show it, or have already lost the carpet itself and fresh degree, will carry on the effective surface cleaning at this time.

Everyone to keep in mind, the hotel carpet itself is closed, when clean water is not easy to evaporate in the air circulation, low foam carpet with poor if you choose to be a volatile agents, most likely will cause the carpet hemp qualitative metamorphic layer at the bottom of the mold, and produce strange smell, will directly affect the feeling of the guests, which affects the hotel business, this is for hotel carpet cleaning procedures that must be noticed in the process of place.