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The axminster carpet vs. wilton carpet

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Update time : 2017-06-01 20:15:03
The axminster carpet and wilton carpet belong to the machine-made carpet, and the structure of the fabric has the corresponding ground tissue, as the base of the carpet.

The difference between the two kinds of carpets is:

Wilton is weaving velvet into the ground and then cutting down the pile to make the wool carpet or no velvet.
And axminster carpet stern is referring to the knitting method of  rug, the wool yarn with the method of mechanical cutting into first, after a specified length in "u" or "J" shaped consolidation method lay buried to the warp between the layer of carpet, again by weft fixed, therefore in the back of the carpet will not have heavy yarn.

But axminster carpet only had velvet and no velvet carpet.
In 1850 the first wilton loom six years later, it appeared a bobbin typeaxminster carpet loom, in 1890 with the clamp plate, didn't have a bobbin until 45 years later in 1935 o clamp plate axminster carpet, loom.
Of course, there is also the chenille pattern, but these three of the aramminster looms seem to have come to an end.
There are still a small number of companies still in use, but they are in danger of being phased out because the structure is primitive and old.
Clamp plate and bobbin holder plate not only on the quality and variety also occupies a certain market advantages, at the same time with the two models have been use the new technology such as electronics, automatic control don't ask, don't break the ground transform itself.

axminster carpet, loom mainly for the production of large carpet of decorative pattern design, a blanket, and different width of commercial carpet, but its production efficiency is far lower than the tufting machine and wilton weaving machine.

The main features of the axminster carpet are as follows.

It is suitable for producing high-grade wool carpet.

In the design of design of carpet, the design, colour and lustre quantity and so on each respect is very few limits.

The efficiency of the yarn is high, no carpet back.

It can use different fineness, twist, material.

It is convenient to change and dispatch carpet production.