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Prevent uneven carpet around

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Update time : 2018-03-02 10:43:51
How to prevent the phenomenon of arching after the carpet paving
Rugs are not laid flat, arch phenomenon, not only affects the appearance of the bedroom, but also affected the use of households. This problem arises mainly because:
(1) Laying uneven or hard on both sides of the inconsistent force, the process of setting the carpet in the direction of deviation, the carpet appeared partial wrinkles.
(2) The carpet is not stretched, or when the carpet is not tightened.
(3) After the carpet swell shrinkage, resulting in rug wrinkles.

Carpet to prevent paving arch occurs, you must do:
(1) The base line should be marked according to the room conditions. When laying, the carpet should be spread along the line. The speed should be uniform on both sides and should not be kicked open.
(2) When laying the carpet should be tightened, hot and then fixed on the bar of hair.
(3) laying, the usual use of the carpet should be damp to avoid.