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How to choose the right handmade carpet

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Update time : 2018-06-12 16:40:42
How to choose the right handmade carpet
    The use of handmade carpets in the home can create a comfortable home atmosphere while improving the quality of home furnishings. But how should consumers choose the right handmade carpet? May wish to follow the description below.
First, see the use of places
1, the study should choose fresh and elegant carpet.
2, the living room should choose a large pattern, smooth lines of the pattern, this will make the home more atmospheric, while visually there is also an open effect. For ease of replacement, you can choose a piece of carpet.
3, the bedroom will have to choose a small, visually warm and quiet carpet. The restaurant has to choose a variety of colored carpets, which is more resistant to dirt.
First, look at the material
    Choosing the right material for the carpet, the wool carpet is very comfortable, soft and flexible. It is very popular. In addition, there are carpets made of cotton carpets, silk carpets, chemical fiber carpets, etc., depending on the style of the home and their preferences.
Finally, it is recommended that you choose a large brand of hand-made carpets. The products of big brands, whether they are materials, design, workmanship, or details, are all very good and worth considering.