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How to choose a quality rug

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Update time : 2018-06-22 19:45:38
How to choose a quality rug
     Carpets are relatively fashionable and high-grade daily necessities in life. The use of such articles can improve the quality of our living environment. Then, how can we purchase them? The carpet company below offers some suggestions.
First, check carpet quality inspection report
During the processing of carpets, latex and various compounding agents are also used, and these substances will inevitably leave some harmful substances. Therefore, at the time of purchase, the quality report needs to be reviewed. Did it meet national standards?
Second, look carefully at the carpet product label
The carpet company reminds consumers here that the carpets sold on the market must be processed in accordance with the requirements of the “Carpet Label”. If the labels we view are incomplete or do not meet the standards, we must avoid purchasing them.
     Finally, in addition to the above description, in order to purchase a carpet with a better quality statement, the carpet company's proposal is to go to a regular sales location for purchase.