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Chose any hotel carpet you want

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Update time : 2018-05-23 13:54:06
    Chose any hotel carpet you want, the possibilities are endless at ege if you choose a special designed carpet. Hotel carpets will not only create a warm and homely feel to the hotel rooms, they will also brighten up any of the public areas, the reception or restaurants. Hotel carpets can be custom designed to fit your hotel with room numbers, hallway directions or maps displayed to help hotel guests find their way. Hotel carpets will bring comfort and colour into your hotel. Hotel carpets can play an important role for the comfort of your guests and employees, as they are soft to walk on. They approve acoustics in all rooms large or small. Hotel carpets soften the sound of clicking heels as well as lowering the overall noise in large areas. Hotel carpets reduce the noise pollution from room to room.  

    When you are looking for the perfect hotel carpet, the style, colour and pattern you choose are important. Our broad range of wall-to-wall, rugs and tile carpets are available in different materials and designs so you are sure to find a hotel carpet that is sure to meet your specific needs.