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Buying carpets requires a lot of reservations

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Update time : 2017-05-15 15:18:44
Hotels, offices, business places, home villas and other places use carpet businesses and individuals more and more.
The laying carpet can beautify the environment, prevent noise to wait for the majority benefit.
But the maintenance of carpet is especially important, if not pay attention to protect extremely easily cause damage and ageing.

First, try to avoid the cigarette ends on the carpet.
There are some carpets that are flame-retardant, but it doesn't mean that all carpets are flame-retardant.
And the flame retardant or carpet carpet, once as long as the cigarette butts on the carpet, the carpet will leave at least a cigarette burn out small focal pit.
So when buying and laying carpets, you should keep a small piece of leftover material.
When there are small focal pit, the first to use scissors to cut off the burning position of carpet wool, reoccupy will blanket bottom knife cut down, and then cut a moderate amount of leftover material size, use glue will spread the carpet of moderate size according to the original fabric direction stick in the hole after finishing department, finally with box cutters will cut the spare part, wait for after its dehydration dry can.