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benefits of using the stair tread blanket introduction

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Update time : 2017-04-24 10:53:27
Abstract: Knowledge carpet entry - Features - Classification Part I: The main stair tread blanket statement of the customer's home to avoid scratching the surface of the stair and wear caused by overuse, some of the benefits customers can protect their families up and down the stairs in safety.
Benefits of using the stairs riding blanket introduction
Use stair tread blanket to avoid scratching the customer's home stair surface and wear caused by overuse, thus extending the life of the stairs; while the product also has superior anti-skid function, can protect customers and their families at the top and bottom of the stairs security; It also has excellent acoustics, can interfere with your sound from the downstairs; and its exquisite design and appearance make your stairs, put a layer of gorgeous coat, play a very good decorative effect , you become a bright spot in home decoration.
1, the stairs to the pavement clean;
2, measuring the size and stair treads carpet installation step aside on both sides of the size of the installation to determine a good location;
3, put the blanket on the stair treads stair tread installation location to determine a good hand in front of fixed riding blanket, PVC keel torn parts of the tape, and then paste it on stair treads, pressed by hand with a rubber hammer or tape and ladder surface contact areas;
4, and then set off a blanket in front of square, two small tear tape, stick tight. (2007 New abolished the previous two small tape, easier installation, and can be set off on weekdays blanket cleaning ladder face); Please do not stampede at the tape in 2 hours after a good stick.
Stair tread blanket standard size: 65CM * 24CM * 3CM, suitable for stair treads width 70CM to 120CM any material stair treads, widespread applicability.\