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A carpet, a warm winter, a beautiful room

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Update time : 2017-06-02 20:43:11
In the winter, the people of guangzhou are also forced to start thinking about the heating of the household. A warm carpet is the top choice for the present.
Stylist points out, choose an appropriate carpet, the key is the colour not to be in order to take the main, dimensional size is appropriate, qualitative material accords with oneself need.

Colour choice is the color that sofa, floor is similar, do not be in a hubbin

The carpet on the market, each kind of material can work out the carpet of almost any kind of style, therefore, for the consumer, it is easy to choose the carpet style, difficult is difficult on the mastery of color.
, rong-bin wang said action, no matter what style of carpet, from household aesthetic point of view, should the color of the carpet and sofa, floor and wall, the color of the curtains close, whole looks to be coordinated.

Machine weaving carpet, is the most efficient in the production time, its material mainly is pure wool, the wool of the wool, the polypropylene, polyester, cotton blanket, hemp and so on main.
The same material, the carpet is cheaper.
But it is important to note that the wool blanket is more hairy and will go away for a long time.
But for consumers who want economic benefits, such carpets are a good choice.