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Where should hotel carpets be laid?

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Update time : 2018-06-14 14:52:37
Where should hotel carpets be laid?
    Many upscale hotels will use carpets to decorate them. The carpets are noise-reducing and noise-reducing, giving guests a comfortable living environment. At the same time, it can also make the hotel more upscale and tasteful. So, where should hotel carpets be placed?
First, corridor
    General hotel corridors will be carpeted, so that guests walk on the carpet, can feel the softness and elasticity of the carpet, will not make people feel the floor is cold. At the same time, the carpet also has a dust-proof effect. The hotel will look cleaner and tidy when it is carpeted.
Second, hotel room
    In addition to the carpets in the lounge, the hotel rooms are often covered with carpets. The carpets in the rooms are in harmony with the beds, tables, stools and wall decorations. The whole room will be warmer and more exotic. In addition, carpets were placed in the room and it was also convenient for the guests to change their shoes. They did not step on dirty floors and did not allow cold air to invade the body.
In short, the hotel carpet is very important, modern people have higher requirements for the cleanliness of the living environment, only to provide guests with a clean and comfortable environment to enable customers to like the hotel. Among these, carpet plays an important role.