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Types and Features [carpet] wool carpet

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Update time : 2017-04-24 10:51:31

Abstract: Knowledge carpet entry - Features - Category articles: on wool carpet by decorative patterns can be divided into four categories, elaborated on the different types of carpet has different characteristics carried. The following were collated by buying shopping network, provided for your reference.

The types and characteristics of wool carpet

Our senior handmade wool rugs by decorative patterns can be divided into four categories.

(1) Beijing carpet carpet referred Beijing Beijing-style carpet. It is characterized by neat symmetrical pattern, elegant tones, with solemn ancient artistic features. Striking border around the square, the pattern is often based on the contents of the ancient Chinese art, such as ancient paintings, richly ornamented architecture, religious patterns and embroidery.

(2) the characteristics of Fine Art carpet patterned carpet pattern is complete, gorgeous colors, rich layering, with magnificent art style. It draws on the characteristics of Western European decorative arts, often with blooming roses, bud bud leaf curl, tulips and other flowers composition.

Design features (3) color Fancy Fancy carpet carpet color is a fresh and lively artistic style, as meticulous flower pattern, scatter cuttings on the carpet, the performance of some of the graceful flowers, colorful, varied composition, which has on the corner flower, three flowers, four flowers and the siege and many, shape can be rectangular, square or round and so on.

(4) Su Su convex Convex carpet carpet monochromatic embossed pattern is woven to make, fresh and beautiful patterns after the clip, like relief, rich taste of a quiet elegance, giving a sense of light and food for thought to the. The above "Beijing, the United States, color, plain" four kinds of patterns are handmade wool carpet pattern of senior workers streams and backbone, is the crystallization of Chinese culture, is the skill of our working people - a true portrayal. In addition to traditional "Beijing, beauty, color, plain" carpet, there are some national characteristics of the more rich blanket species, "Qinghai Lake" brand is one of Tibetan carpets.Tibetan carpet is one of China's major export commodities, which is based on Tibetan wool as raw material, follow the Tibetan traditional crafts, hand spinning, dyeing plants, hand-woven pattern is simple, natural, elegant colors, simple, rough expansion, gives a natural beauty to enjoy, to cater to the contemporary world getting back to basics, return to nature trend, favored by the deep world.

Senior wool rugs are hand-tufted carpet weaving, according to the production methods can be divided into:

(1) pumping twist carpets, carpet extractors pull twisted twisted twisted carpet and pull the carpet weaving rugs are made, using different methods made. Distinguish smoke twisted twist carpet and rug pulled methods from the appearance: the back of the carpet aside, all fine cotton weft blanket back to reveal who is pumping lines twist carpet; rather thin blanket back does not reveal the lines of latitude are Pull twist carpet. Pull able to weave carpets do, you can use the number of shares thicker and more coarse weft yarn to make tufted carpet encryption, thick, very solid and strong elasticity.

(2) rubber back carpet glue back the entire film is the entire film both advanced carpet Furama expensive carpet appearance, but also for many people to accept the price. It is an acupuncture treatment will be colored yarn by hand, drawing the pattern on the tread patterns do knot cloth acupuncture treatment, so as to form a V-shaped tufted a knot, and then a special glue evenly on the blanket back, to enhance the aesthetic firmly tufted knot prolong life, improve moisture resistance.Finally, the back seam in the carpet cover a cotton blanket to protect the back.

In addition to handmade wool carpet wool carpet, there are wool woven carpets. Wool woven carpet with carpet surface flat and smooth, flexible, foot feeling soft, durable wear characteristics.Compared with synthetic carpets, its resilience, anti-static, anti-aging, flame resistance are superior to synthetic carpets. Compared with wool handmade carpets, its performance is similar, but the price is much lower than handmade carpets. Therefore wool woven carpets is between mid-ground fiber carpets and rugs handmade wool between covering materials.

Wool woven carpet is ideal for hotels, restaurants, guest rooms, stairs, banquet hall, bar, meeting rooms and sports venues, family paved use. Wool woven carpets as well as flame retardant products that can be used for high performance requirements of the fire place.