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The hotel is the most commonly used three kinds of carpet

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Update time : 2017-04-24 10:41:13

1, woven wilton carpet
The carpet is through three yarn weaving, the warp and weft, pile yarn after gluing, velvet and other process after finishing.Because the carpet process from wilton parts of the country, so called wilton carpet.This loom is double fabric so the production efficiency is quick, rich design novelty, mainly used in hotel rooms, small conference room in the area of smaller area, such as its advantages are inexpensive and defect is easy as the weather temperature change and contraction, leading to blanket the drum.
2, woven carpet KeMing
The carpet is also through the warp and weft yarn, yarn three knitting yarn day, after gluing, velvet and other process after finishing.KeMing o the carpet use technology originated in Britain, this machine is a single layer of fabric and machine speed is low, carpet weaving efficiency is very low, the efficiency was only about 30% of wilton loom, with the rapid development of modern textile technology, the production efficiency is also improved, mainly used in high-grade hotel rooms, corridors and other large public area, its advantages properties stability to the drum, shortcoming slightly more expensive than wilton carpet, design limited to its wide and color limits.
3, handmade embroidered carpet
Manual embroidered carpet is pure wool and silk as material, through the design of pattern, color, before and after dyed yarn, cloth, manual embroidered, glue, cloth, flat mat, carpet, the carpet, back flat, dressing and so on more than ten working procedure processing.The manual will carpet pile yarn artificial implant special cloth, synthesize various color quad exquisite patterns.In the blanket back brushing glue, then attach backing, manual package edge, mainly use anywhere in the hotel public areas, if don't consider the decoration cost, it almost can be used in any area of the hotel, its advantage is not restricted by colour and area, random play to the imagination of designers, can according to the shape of the paved area the entire production no juncture, lossless, the disadvantage is that high prices are woven carpet.