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The hotel carpet cleaning process

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Update time : 2017-04-24 16:12:21

    Hotel room carpet cleaning is a daily work done by the hotel, which keeps the hotel clean and healthy every day and provides a good check-in experience for the customer.How to make the hotel room carpet wash work smoothly and orderly, methodically, below will introduce the room carpet wash step.

1, guest room furniture shift: the hotel bed ark and tea table on the bed, fold sheets to edge, luggage placed on TV ark, small items and garbage can into the table, desk chair desk lamp in the bathroom, open the Windows rolled up the curtain.It is easier and more thorough to clean the hotel room carpet.

Use carpet to destain the carpet surface besmirch and the surrounding corner, use the blade to scrape the smoke coke.Use a special carpet cleanser if you have an unwashed carpet stain.

Place the machine flat on the carpet to connect the power supply, install the carpet brush, set up the machine, and add the high foamed carpet cleaner (1:20) to the machine.

4, adjust good put his hand into his best position, the machine into your back over the shoulder or in their hands, to start the machine according to the machine to from left to right by the carpet cleaning, keep between uplink and downlink overlap of 8-10 ㎝ circular fold each scrub, velocity shoulds not be too fast, in a dirty place should be 2 times, repeated washing and dry brush off c box several times.(note that the wires don't go into the machine.)Move the bed back and forth to the bed and wash it around 10.

5, carpet cleaning, machine parked in the package list of cloth, carpet brush, put on your slippers in to wipe clean the furniture the anchor line, the machine back to the warehouse, carpet cleaning brush and clean all the machines, tools, and replace it.

    After the carpet is completely dry, thoroughly absorb dust, reposition the furniture, turn off the air conditioning.

    Notice that machines and tools should be kept in the employee's elevator room when they are not needed, not in the channel, so as not to disturb the guests' walk.No carpet cleaner will be used in the machine to avoid plugging the machine.

    Take the step of the carpet cleaning step in the general hotel room, refer to the equipment used in the hotel when the carpet cleaning equipment is involved.There is also a professional carpet cleaning company.