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Several major test items of carpet

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Update time : 2017-03-18 12:14:18
(a) wear resistance
The wear resistance of carpet by number of wear-resisting.The carpet under fixed pressure grinding to backing to show the number of times you need.The larger the number of wear resistance, abrasion resistance is better.The pros and cons of abrasion resistance and the material, length and number.Wear resistance is an important index of carpet durability.Abrasion resistance and length has a lot to do with materials.
(2) of the elastic
The elasticity of the carpet is refers to the carpet after a certain number of times of collision (dynamic load) the percentage of thickness decrease.By the table 3-3 the elasticity in chemical fibber carpet of pure wool carpet, and polypropylene carpets of elasticity is less than acrylic carpets.Carpet facing material thickness after collision loss percentage (%) 500 (1000) (1500) (2000) (time) acrylic carpet polypropylene carpet wool carpet is 233720 254322 274324 264426
(3) the peel strength
Peel strength is measured carpet surface, and the intensity of the backing composite, a performance index is also measured after carpet composite water resistance index.Dry chemical fibber carpet in Shanghai China peel strength above 0.1 MPa, more than the Japanese products.
(4) adhesive force
Adhesive force is measured carpet nap fixation on the backing of strong degree of indicators.
(5) aging resistance
Aging resistance is mainly for chemical fiber carpets.This is because the chemical synthetic fiber under the effect of factors such as air, light, oxidation happens, make the performance degradation.Is usually used after uv irradiation time, the wear-resisting of chemical fibber carpet times assessments, elastic, and the change of colour and lustre.
(6) of antistatic property
Chemical fibber carpet easy generation when using electrostatic, produce the problem such as vacuuming and difficult to clean, serious when, the person has the feeling of electric shock.So chemical fibber carpet production often mixed with suitable amount of antistatic agent.Antistatic ability by the surface resistance and static voltage.Wool carpet and nylon carpetThe antistatic performance is very good.