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Hotel carpet accessories

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Update time : 2017-04-21 11:46:54
Hotel carpet installation required for main and auxiliary materials, hotel carpet floor MATS, hotel carpet nails, hot zone hotel carpet, hotel carpet edge article, etc.They each have their own purposes, be short of one cannot.
Hotel carpet floor MATS, main effect is to increase the hotel the foot feeling of carpet, let a guest on the top there will be a soft feel and increasing comfort.
Hotel carpet nails, is in the hotel carpet installation fixed effect, when the nail surface has some of the barbs, hotel carpet carpet after pavement leveling is hanging on the wall above the agnail, allowing < hotel carpet in use process, won't produce mobile, shrink, and wait for a phenomenon.Is the hotel carpet when the shop is indispensable auxiliary materials.
Hotel carpet hot zone, is a mechanism used by hotel carpet.Mechanism is known to all hotel carpet fixed width is 4 meters, so sometimes the room width is greater than 4 m, you will need to hotel carpet hot bring complete hotel carpet between splicing.Using iron carpet with stitching good hotel carpet is a complete hotel carpet.So that the entire room hotel carpet looks is a complete hotel carpet.
Hotel carpetArticle edge, and the role of the shop is just a room after the hotel carpet, at the gate of the area connected to other material that lay the ground area hotel carpet as article is required to do the finishing, let whole hotel carpet is no burrs, also for the whole house hotel carpet do a protection.