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Home carpet choose what material is good

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Update time : 2018-06-13 15:50:48
Home carpet choose what material is good
     There are many kinds of household carpets on the market, and the materials are different. What kind of material is better for home carpets? Carpet manufacturers to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of several different materials home carpet.
1, silk carpet
The raw material price of this kind of carpet is very expensive, and the productivity is relatively low, so the cost is particularly high. It is also rare in the market. The rug is rarely used in ordinary families.
2, pure wool carpet
Most of them are made from fine wool woven textiles. The quality and quality of pure wool carpets are thick texture, good elasticity and bright colors. They can create a comfortable home atmosphere in the home. This is also the most popular carpet material in the family. Now.
3, nylon fiber carpet
    The carpet of this material has obvious advantages in strength, elasticity and longevity, and can also be dustproof, antifouling, beautiful and durable, and is generally used in the living room and the entrance.
    In addition to the carpets of the above materials introduced by the carpet manufacturers, there are carpets made of pure cotton, hemp and other materials. The carpets of these two materials are very comfortable and decorative. When selecting a carpet material, it is necessary to select the most suitable one according to the overall style of the home and the economic situation.