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Elegant hotel on the top of the carpet

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Update time : 2017-03-22 16:05:41

                               1, light grey stripe footpath carpet
This light grey stripe footpath carpet, laid in aisle there is a sense of open and magnanimous.The stripe of individual character, more can reflect the unique style of the hotel, the hotel has their own taste and image.Advanced and high-grade woven pp tufting carpet, has the advantages of wear-resisting of sound insulation.
2, tufted xiangyun grain carpet
Texture is rich, colorful appearance, after laying the ground can appear elegant richly, obtain very good adornment effect.Blunt once the ground of the tablet have spread a carpet full chamber unripe brightness.Tufted carpet, USES the dope dyed, ensure lasting bright color, the overall effect elegant, style, concise and easy.
3, pure and fresh leaf design carpet
Polypropylene carpet has a velvety carpet surface effect, give a person a kind of comfortable sense of trampling.Blanket face colour is harmonious, warm and elegant.Carpet has good fastness, good appearance retention, blanket type stability, no depilation, clear pattern decorate ability.This series can be used as a corridor and stair carpet.
4, large carpet of flowers
This is a large flowers design of polyester carpet, clear pattern decoration, is a kind of the feeling of independence.Soft, comfortable, fashionable, unique design of individual character, colour is abounded, can cut, but this carpet can take water rinse directly.
5, nylon contracted wind printed carpet
The carpet of this contemporary and contracted style, showing a bright modern, with good shock absorption, and not easy deformation, wrinkle resistant capability is strong, is a hotel, conference room, restaurants, KTV and other places of commonly used carpet.The contracted and lively printed carpet, suitable for modern fashion style of the hotel.
6, carpet of pure color flower pattern
This carpet is the foot feels comfortable, use the dope dyeing, ensure lasting bright color, beautiful, the style of the design, highlights the hotel rooms warm personality independent space.Pure color of flower design, give a person a kind of clean and tidy.Carpet can also according to different occasions, different style design.
7, double-color square carpets
Nylon suede, high strength, good resilience, more wear-resisting, good corrosion resistance, the use of chemical dust coating technology, make carpet has high ability to resist pollution, at the same time, can make carpet surface more bright beautiful, clean more easily.Double color block design, concise and beautiful, the overall effect is elegant.
8, European and American wind dazzle colour carpet
The carpet has a velvety carpet surface effect, colour is harmonious, warm and elegant.Carpet by fine gauze, weft yarn, yarn, three yarn woven with weft for the import of Bangladesh jute yarn.Jute yarn is green environmental protection product, hygroscopicity good, aproll fast.

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